Tania Goryushina

The Painting Orchestra

What reason do we have to create one more painting?
Series of performances, cultural interactions, discussions, lectures, started in 2012
Principally working as a painter, I research the ways in which the painting changes the visual capacity of its appearance.
By implementing the Painting Orchestra I myself am not painting but rather apply the painting process as a tool for communication. By performing The Painting Orchestra, the painting process becomes the key attention between people.
The language I use to deliver my message is gestures in the air in silence (miming as if I were painting), which are interpreted by my audience whom adopt the role of painter. In each individual reflection of my gestures, participants find their own traces, which could awaken therapeutic, spiritual and social aspects of the work.

The interactive performance: I am like a conductor standing in front of participants of The Painting Orchestra. All the gestures I perform have messages which are read and visualized by participants: while I am `painting` in the air, my audience repeat my gesture using a brush and colour on paper. Therefore my expression is echoed through the interpretation of my gestures by the audience.
The essence of the message is elaborated upon by the individual understandings of each participant with rhythm, speed, and ease.
Performance includes: paper, brushes, watercolour/ink. Duration: Series of sets each 10 minutes followed by 15-30 minutes discussion with the participants, and questioning.
Completed paintings optionally left or taken by creators.

The Painting Orchestra performance is for any age, race, gender or nationality. It is not abusive and is intended to develop peace in communication.

I give lectures, open discussions and performances on The Painting Orchestra research to organisations, art schools, mental hospitals, prisons, and to anyone who may be interested to contribute or apply this invention for good purpose.
The Painting Orchestra can be used or applied anywhere universally.

The Painting Orchestra. Rehearsal. 2012 from Tetyana Goryushina on Vimeo.

The Painting Orchestra at STOFF (Stockholm Fringe Festival) August 2013 from Tetyana Goryushina on Vimeo.