Tania Goryushina

The Pupil

Watercolor paintings & waste objects.

In the project The Pupil I use my skills and knowledge of watercolour in order to express of certain circumstances through the use of techniques, composition and colours. I attempt to portray through watercolour painting three concepts encountered in everyday life: Acceptance; Refusal; Error.
For making perfect lines I used tape. The layers of colours were wiped off after each application and painted over again in order to make print-like effect and increase sharpness of the edges.

Acceptance is soft and gentle, it is reflected through free movement of brushwork on paper and colour dissolution and dilution. Acceptance is about my freedom in a certain space which inspires and increases `positive function of action’. As the pupil responds to some stimuli. It is a chasm, a space, an entrance, is you and me in the process of reaction to light. The bright straight lines are my reaction to color under different circumstances.

Error is something undesired. The adhesive tape I used on paper to separate the fields sometimes damaged the piece when I removed it. I prefer fragility of paper over proper canvas despite of a risk to destroy the work. It is much harder to change something on a paper: it stays there as a reminder of the mistake, as an experience. I use many layers for each line, so great care was required when removing the tape.

Refusal is about control and obstacles. The limits, the borders, lack of information, civil regulations and forces based on a person’s country of residence, pressure of the visa process which through an invisible lens, breaks the will, frustrates and instills doubt.
Metaphorically I reflected the Refusal by using tape while forming shapes of composition in my paintings. Hereby I deprived the watercolour of its quality.

I worked on this project during the summer art residency 2012 at Sigtuna folk high school.

The Litmus & The Grey Zone
144x108 cm. each work
Refusals and errors of some bureaucratic processes related to the regulations of immigrants in Sweden. In the grey zone there you are lost in the rules. The rules or regulations are lost themselves due to the virtual low and lack of access to the clear answers.

The Pupil
144x108 cm.
Self portrait. The receiver of information.

The Swedish Song
100x80 cm.
Made during live performance with an orchestra. The orchestra played the Swedish folk song and I moved my brush fluently under the influence of the melody. Represents softness and kindness of social layers away from bureaucratic processes.  

The Last Seconds
100x80 cm.

I tried to catch the last seconds of sunset by the river Mälaren in Sigtuna town by painting what I  observed quickly. Later in my studio I extended my memory of the view on a second part of canvas. While I painted, I counted.

The Bubble
144x108 cm.
For about three hours I was manipulating a lot of watercolours on the paper in order to make these clean colours unaffected by poor touch or bad mixing. The sharp spire is to explode the bubble.