Tania Goryushina

Local Heroes

6 min. sound piece and sculpture. Selected messages adressed to me during the chat with different people on the dating page. The messages are recorded with electronic voice of google translator.

Beautiful biceps, hips..
But I need Ukrainian love.
Hi beauty! Are you intresserad to meet a generous guy for meetings? $$ How much do you earn in a month?
Can we meet at your place daytime? Meeting for money. Some Nice sex?
Want to meet you and to spoil you? I miss it.
Do you live on your art? please tell me if you need a model!
Will you meet me for 1000?
I told you, I want a Ukrainian wife.
Who said One night? I was thinking several nights. And mornings and afternoons are great as well!
Are you famous?
Hi, I am trying to find a model. Designer clothes and swim wear. We also travel a lot.
I need a girl with me for 2 months
Heya, maybe you can help me to achieve my noughty dream?
Hi I am 44, married. Looking for sexapel young girl for pleasurable time and sex.
Can I kiss your lovely legs?
I wanna be your slave. Punish me!
I want you for my brother
I visited my sister, we had a lunch, it was nice
I need to by a guinea pig for my daughter, can you give any tips?
Listen, we are 3 guys and will fucking only one girl, last year we got 3 girls at our apartment and it was big headache
The question is, are you ready to live with 3 guys?
I told you, we are coming in business, we will need a girl
You will get 12 000$ weekly, we will be 3
Hi baby, would you like to meet generous man 63 years old?
I will drive my space capsule to work. Then I will die. And I'll have to revive mates and mates.
I have a horny mood
5000 dollars per a week plus traveling in another countries?
Sooner or later the Yankees are going to get their media channels to loot what they can or sow conflict
Come to Argentina, you need no money here.
What is in between your legs?
I am luck of money and searching for a sugar mommy! Can you be the one? I do not need much: roof, food and sex, haha..
I wanna do something cool tonight, are you easy going baby?
Do you want to go with me to help me choosing shoes for me?
Hello, I am from Nigeria and here for holidays. My dick is big, we can have a good fuck together. We also remain friends forever.
And much more…