Tania Goryushina


Series of watercolors videos.

Trans-1. Video HDV 3:22, Stereo, 2015

Sound by ujif_notfound. Sample pack Christopher Willits "Tiger Flower Circle Sun"

Emotions do not die, they turn into the silent monsters coming out from my subconsciousness during the moments solitude or transaction into dreams. Lovers, places, violences, ruined dreams, childhood nightmares... Now they are helpless and unfaithful.

Watercolour reaches its most beautiful effects on wet paper. Beautiful effects of colour dissolution and dilution increase the feeling of softness and blurry of Monster’s decay. 

Exhibited with monumental paintings installation.

Trans. HDV 3.22, Stereo (ujif_notfound) 2015 from Tania Goryushina on Vimeo.