Tania Goryushina

Watercolor workshop. Advanced

General description:

The Inner Landscape is a name for series of interventions, plain-airs, and discussions led by artist Tania Goryushina.
Besides the traditional academic methods in the usage of watercolour we will explore this media through the interdisciplinary lens of observation, combining of basic techniques practice with the study of discovering hints, signs, traces, revealing of place, objects (outdoors). During the day we will explore wide range of influences from the collected for the course material: slide shows, historical reviews, texts, videos, sound which all are to contribute in developing students ideas, methods, technics, combining it together with productive painting practice.
Participants are expected to contribute to the course by activities such as shared debates, making home tasks. The purpose of the course is not only to increase knowledge in using watercolour as a media but learning about possibilities how to visualize ideas, stories, which means finding your own symbols during practicing and interchanging experiences.

The course is designed in series of three-five days workshops, which can be taking separately, according the needs of participants.

Advanced. To look, to think, to feel. Five days 10.00 - 17.00

Suitable for: People who has a basic experience in painting. Goal: advanced technics in watercolor medium, experimental approach in expressing ideas.This workshop designed for people who have previous experience in painting&drawing, as well basic knowledge in contemporary art. We will explore unusual techniques and experiments, where watercolor medium is only a tool for visualization of personal opinion.
This workshop will be useful for people working in various fields of art or disciplines related to critical thinking, forming ideas curatorial, teaching. During the second part of the workshop we will use feedback sessions, during which participants will discuss their research processes in the group.

Students will learn:

Introduction to nonstandard methods of searching ideas, usage watercolor as material and as a concept, critical approaches in formulation of visual story.
Workshop does not focus on techniques and color theory, composition, etc., but provides some of basic skills in working with watercolor.

Watercolor Basics, methods of documents, rethinking of classic works, "I" in the portrait, watercolor as a metaphor, rational and irational drawing

Workshop contains: lecture, discussion, visual material, practice, outdoor researches, home work, final presentation.

10-11  Historical review&theory. Screening&discussion a set of influences according the topic of the day
11-13  Practice
13-14  Break-Lunch 
14-16.30 Practice and experimentation with ideas indoors or outdoors
16.30-17.00 Coffee break, day review, home work

List of realised workshops:

Creativity for business. Methods for original ways of thinking through creative drawings, Avegagroup, two days corporative workshop, Stockholm

Intensive five days watercolor workshops for Cultural project. Summer sessions, Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 Summer three days workshop in illustration, Sigtuna folkhigh school, Sweden

2014 Intensive three days workshop. Portrait. Uppsala, Sweden

2014 Watercolor workshop for Unikultur, three days, Sigtuna, Sweden

Intensive five days watercolor workshops for Cultural project. Summer sessions, Kyiv, Ukraine

Teacher on development of students projects with followed exhibition, three weeks.
Sigtuna folk high school

Guest teacher at Sigtuna folk high school. Innovative forms of Communication in Art:
performance, painting; watercolor painting, crocky. Lectures on: Dadaism, Minimalism.

Group or individual workshops on request: tania (at) goryushina.com